Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Sinister Dialogues - A Foreword

Remember the force of Obscurity.

It does not matter who speaks the sinister voice,
only that it is spoken. 


The Sinister Dialogues project, which was launched in October 2013, is now completed and ready for publication.

The basic idea of the project was to gather a choir of sinister voices to discuss various topics in and around the concept of the Sinister. This gathering of different voices turned out to be a huge success, as in the end nine individuals answered the questionnaire. Those nine chosen ones forming an interesting blend of different nationalities, professions, social backgrounds and interests.

There is, of course, a minus side to collecting answers from nine persons to a quite extensive questionnaire; the amount of text produced by the interviewees is Huge. In fact, it is - to rephrase the title of an old Enochian Crescent song - of titanic proportions and nightmare angles. This presented a challenge to your poor little editor; should I take my proverbial axe and chop those texts to a nice and reader-friendly form? Or should I let my axe rest and keep my editing to a minimum, thus preserving the original idea of a choir of voices? In the end I decided to choose the latter option. No excuses though.

As I said above, the editing was kept to a minimum. There are some editor's notes here and there, but in most cases I have just provided a direct link that will clarify the obscure passage in the text. The amount of links have also been substantially limited; considering the nature of some questions, the texts could have been easily turned to one hell of a link dump, but that is hardly a desirable solution.

The first part of the Dialogues - The Archeology of the Sinister I - will be published on First of May to honour the good spirits of Europe. The following four parts will be published every two weeks.

There is one more thing - commenting on the texts. There are two options for this. Firstly, you can use the strictly moderated comments section of this blog, or, secondly, you can go to the discussion forum of The 600 club, which have an extensive thread on THEM. Choose your preferred method.

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