Friday, August 22, 2014

Order & Cleanliness

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand,
more perilous to conduct,
or more uncertain in its success,
than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.
- Niccolò Machiavelli

When I started Sinister Angles blog in 2012 eh, I did not have a detailed and thoroughly thought-out master plan, all I had was some random notes scattered around my notebooks. Then again, at that point it seemed more than enough; the SA was, after all, much more geared towards doing than thinking. Later on, though, the whole thing evolved towards a more organized and orderly form, but there have always been more than enough free room for... well, everything. That is going to change in the near future.

The above said should not be interpreted as to mean that I am going to transform the SA into a pretentious and silly One Cause propaganda operation. I am far too old and cold to waste my precious time on such a silliness, not to even mention the fact that wholesale subscription to another frail human's make-believe kibosh is far below my intellectual and spiritual standard. Hopefully this applies also to You, my dear droogs. 

Enough foreplay? Alrighty then. First of all, I am going to sift through all the old texts, and keep the best - most likely in a slightly modified form - and toss out the rest. Secondly, I try to get the tag system more workable; at the moment it is just a hell of a mess. Thirdly, I will update the links and also make a decent blogroll.

While the renovations are in progress there will be very few new posts, if there will be any new posts at all. Remains to be seen. There are some rather intriguing new releases waiting to be reviewed on my desk, but most likely they simply have to wait their turn, at least for some time.

There will be changes as per actual content of the SA also. When things started to progress in a more organized and orderly fashion, I made a following plan (please think it as a rough sketch on the back of a cigarette pack) that the first cycle of the SA will include interview with: (1) an occult publisher, (2) a secret society, (3) a band, (4) a film director, and (5) a visual artist.

The first two points have been succesfully completed - with Fall of Man and THEM, respectively - but last three are more or less on a preliminary stage. There are some very promising candidates though, especially for the last two points. Then again, I am a little sceptical about my capabilities in terms of actually getting the desired film director to be interviewed. May prove to be an impossible task, but who knows? A visual artist, on the other hand, should be much easier task.

As for the third point, well, in the early days of the SA I reached out towards two rather notorious - 'notorious' in an underground sense of the term - bands with the intention to interview them, but both of my attempts came to naught. Thereupon those nameless troubadours and their ilk were given to The Scythe of Silence, and were thus forever condemned to oblivion. By the way, the principle in operation here is called The Principle of Aristocratic Silence - and yes, I am handing out one of the main keys. Take a heed.

After those initial disappointments with the band interviews things turned completely around, and two bands appeared out from nowhere, interested and ready to be interviewed by me. Well, this time it was me who turned thumbs down. I just was not interested in wasting my time on something which, in the final analysis, was not that important. So, the band interviews are... well, something that interests me almost as much as reading through E.A. Koetting's complete works while giving myself a prolonged anal rape with a rusty SS dagger. Hence, it is not, most certainly, my number one priority. It may happen, it may not happen.

In addition to the above, which is, after all, mostly about completing and tying up the first cycle of the SA, there will be material which could be seen as representing a certain cleft or fissure; something which both separates and elevates the SA from its past. A transformation of sorts, if you will. But, now I am slipping too far into the future, and I had better stop now. So mote it be.

Discipline and purify yourself: here, here and here.


Addendum, Comrade Google played a little trick on me by erasing quite a slice of my recent writings. Some of them I can resurrect from my own archives, e.g. The Dialogues, but most them are probably gone forever. That's kind a shitty, because there went some rather good stuff, like those Jumalhämärä reviews. Well, shit happens.

But, if some of you have copies of these texts, I am especially interested about those lost reviews, please contact me at Thank you.

Addendum II, the second edition of The Dialogues (The Rough Ride Edition) is in the works. The first part of it will be published next weekend at the latest. 

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